Cauliflower Fried Rice


imageSo good that you won’t even miss the real rice! This meal came together in a snap with Trader Joe’s cauliflower rice and a bag of peas and carrots!


1 package (12 oz) cauliflower rice

1 cup frozen peas and carrots combo

1/2 diced onion

2 cloves minced garlic

2 chopped green onions

2 eggs, scrambled

3 T soy sauce

1 T oyster sauce

Dash of toasted sesame oil


Scramble the eggs, chop up  and set aside.

Saute the onions, peas and carrots, and garlic in some olive oil until browned and softened.

Add the cauliflower rice, green onions, soy sauce and oyster sauce and cook until everything is warm and combined.

Add the eggs and mix it up.

Stir in the sesame oil and it’s ready to serve as a side dish or even a main dish!



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  1. I buy low sodium soy sauce, but I haven’t seen low sodium oyster sauce and it is very high in sodium. Do you have any suggestions for a substitute or if I omit the oyster sauce would it still taste as good??


    • I understand your concern. I have never made it without the oyster sauce, so I can’t answer that question nor do I know a substitute. Maybe asking an Asian market for a low salt substitute might help or using less of it (just a little for the flavor). If you omit it, let us know how it tasted! Thanks for your message.


      • I just made this dish for the first time and I ended up making it exactly how you posted the recipe. I just couldn’t make myself omit the oyster sauce because of the flavor it adds. OMG… this dish is amazing!! You can’t even tell that it’s not rice! Since I’m supposed to eat low sodium foods I only had a small serving of this dish, but I’m going to be on the lookout for a low sodium oyster sauce. Thank you SO much for this recipe and for your response!!

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  2. I’m so happy you liked it! It really does taste like fried rice, doesn’t it? Keep us posted if you find any substitute for the oyster sauce or a low sodium version! Thanks so much for letting me know you tried it!


  3. I made it for dinner tonight minus the oyster sauce. It was delicious! This will definitely be a regular low cal and low carb meal that I will make often!


    • Sorry for the delay – I just saw your questions. I didn’t cook it in the microwave first. I simply added it to the pan. Since it’s in such tiny pieces, it cooks pretty rapidly and you don’t need to pre-cook it. Hope you enjoy the dish!


  4. Just made this with fresh cauliflower, had no frozen peas or carrots so I cut up some broccoli for color and grated fresh carrot into it ! This is absolutely yummy! Would like more of your low carb recipes pls!


    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have lots of recipes on my blog – most are low carb and healthy (a few not so much…). I hope you can find something else that you like!


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