Chicken Saltimbocca!



This is probably one of my all-time favorite meals, and its name is perfect! Saltimbocca in Italian means “jump into the mouth!”


Thinly sliced chicken breasts


Fresh sage

White wine

Flour for dredging

Seasonings – I use pepper and garlic powder


Dredge the chicken breasts lightly with the flour.

Lay a slice of prosciutto on top.

Lay a large leaf of sage on top of that.

Secure the layers with a toothpick or similar.

Heat some olive oil in a pan. Brown the chicken breasts, prosciutto side up, until they are golden.

Turn them over and add the seasonings with a splash of white wine. Cook until the prosciutto is starting to crisp up and the chicken is cooked. (I usually cover the pan so that the chicken breasts don’t dry up.)

Serve them on a pretty place and pour some of the pan drippings on top!



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