Weeds for a Salad!


When we were recently in Italy, we were served Dandelion greens which my cousin picked from their own yard! When I came home, I told my mom that we ate weeds, and she said that she remembers eating those in Italy growing up and how good they were! Then, the other day, while I was shopping at Nob Hill Market in Los Gatos, I saw Dandelion greens in the vegetable case! I had to try them…and yes, they were tender and delicious in a salad. Now I’m hooked!

FullSizeRender (1)


Bunch of Dandelion greens, fresh and organic

Crumbled Feta Cheese

Dressing of choice: I used a mixture of EVOO, red wine vinegar, and a dab of Dijon mustard and mix it all together.


Remove the tough stem at the bottom of the dandelion leaf. The center ones are OK and soft to eat.

Cut the leaves into small pieces.

Add the cheese and the dressing, with a little salt and pepper! Voila!


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  1. I tried foraging dandelion greens from my yard before and they were supper bitter. Perhaps they were too old or too late in the season? I would love to give them another try because this looks so easy and delicious!


    • I didn’t try looking for the real weeds in my yard or in the neighborhood – mostly because I wasn’t quite sure if I was harvesting edible plants! I figured the grocery store (or farmer’s market) was a safe bet! I hope you try this again with tender leaves…I didn’t notice any bitterness.

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