Fresh Ginger at the Ready




I’m all about making my life more convenient, but I don’t want to compromise freshness. I abhor processed foods and try my best to stay away from them. I try to make farm to table my way of eating. So when I realized that the jarred ginger I was using from Christopher Ranch had other ingredients in it, I decided to make my own.


Fresh ginger



Choose fresh ginger knobs that aren’t too knarly and are weighty.

Cut off the little knobs and peel the stalks with a vegetable peeler.

Cut up the ginger into small pieces.

Place them in a cuisinart to roughly chop them.

Add water a little at a time and blend each time in the cuisinart.

When it is at a consistency that you like, stop. Drain as much of the water as you can and squeeze dry with your hands.

Make little balls and place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Freeze and place them into a ziploc bag.



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