Sauteed Artichokes



The artichokes I had were not huge, but they also weren’t really small and tender. If you get the small ones, you probably don’t need to remove the choke…but I had to and, even though I thought I removed all the tough outer leaves, I found some more when eating it 😦 This is one reason I’m not a big artichoke fan, even though I do like the taste of them. So….make sure you peel back the outer leaves until you are left with the pale green inner (and tender) ones.



Olive oil

Lemon juice

Crushed garlic

Salt & Pepper


Put the olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and a little salt in a bowl.

Trim your artichokes WELL. Cut off 1/3 from the top and the whole stem. Peel back the outer leaves until you are left with the pale green inner ones. Cut the artichokes in half and, if you can see the choke, scoop it out so there’s no more purple spiky things.

Rub the artichokes with the lemon and place it in the bowl with the olive oil. Toss them to coat them well.

Heat a pan on high and throw in the artichokes with the olive oil mixture.

Season with salt and pepper. Cook until the artichokes have browned on the bottom.

Add some water and turn them over to brown the other side. Continue flipping and adding water, covering in between, until the artichokes are soft. Let all the water evaporate leaving the artichokes with a nice brown color.


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