Potatoes? Nope…Cauliflower!



These are absolutely delicious…and addicting! I couldn’t stop eating them. The trick here is to make sure they get really brown and toasty – it may take longer than what’s recommended, depending on the oven. Mine always seems to take longer!


1 small head cauliflower (or 1/2 head if large)

1 cup shredded cheese (whatever you like) – I added cheddar

1 egg

Salt & pepper


Preheat the oven to 400.

Cut the cauliflower into florets. Pulse it in a Cuisinart until riced.

Add the cheese, egg, and seasonings and mix all of it in the Cuisinart.

Grease a muffin tin.

Place about 1 1/2 T. of cauliflower mixture in each muffin well. Smash it down to make it flat.

Bake until well browned (about 20 minutes or more). Cool slightly before removing it from the muffin pan.



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