String Beans with Ground Pork



Green beans are not one of my favorite vegetables – I think the “squeakiness” of them bothers me. But if they are more cooked, I can tolerate them better. Therefore, I boil them before using them and this seems to help!


3/4 lb green beans (I use the Haricots Verts from Trader Joes) – cut into bite size pieces

1 lb. ground pork

3 garlic cloves, minced

3 T. soy sauce

3 T. lime juice

Red chili flakes

Chicken bouillon


Boil the green beans until they begin to turn tender in some salted water.

In the meantime, heat some olive oil in a pan. Add the ground pork and cook it until no longer pink, breaking it up.

Add in the garlic cloves, salt and pepper. Cook for a minute.

Add the green beans and cook altogether for a few minutes until the pork is cooked and the beans are even more tender.

If the pork begins to dry out, add some water with some bouillon, cover and simmer until the beans are cooked. Make sure all the liquid is evaporated.

Add the chili flakes, soy sauce, and lime juice. Mix altogether and cook for a few more minutes.



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