Pasta with Clams



Yesterday was National Spaghetti Day – even though this wasn’t technically spaghetti, it was close enough – linguini! I made us of canned clams for this recipe and it was easy and good.


1 lb. dried linguini

3 cans canned clams


White wine

Red pepper flakes

1 tomato – seeded and chopped




Cook pasta until barely al dente.

Drain the clams and reserve the liquid.

In the meantime, saut√© the garlic in some olive oil in a large pan. Don’t let it turn brown! Add the red pepper flakes and tomatoes. Cook for a few minutes. Add the parsley and the clams. Cook for a few more minutes.

Add the white wine and reduce a bit. Add the cooked pasta and the clam juice to the large pan with the clams. Cook on high until the juice has completely evaporated. Drizzle some olive oil on top and sprinkle with some chopped fresh basil.


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